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攝影 Photography: 

First hour: $1380hr

After: $480hr 

錄影 Videography: 

First hour: $1580hr

After: $580hr 

Including modification and post production

Receive through Google Album/Drive

Premium Photographer/Videographer +$300






We have photographers with years experience of photography and most of them are full-time photographers. Our photographers are equipped with professional photographic equipment and other tools to ensure that the quality of each photo is maintained at a high level. We also do not charge extra fees for retouching photos to ensure that you will be satisfied with the quality of each photo.

Whether it is a party or certain event, we provide professional photography service. We also have a satisfaction guarantee for our customers to ensure that you will be satisfied with the services we provide. We are confident to provide high-quality services, because we have a good photography team, and each photographer has hundreds of photography experiences on events.

The general deadline for submitting photos to customers is two weeks. We quickly submit photos to customers within three to seven days, and include high-quality photos on Google Drive / Google Album. If customers need to save photos into USB can be picked up by mail.

In addition to photography service, we also provide video service which includes clip editing.