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Balloon Sculpture (Fine):

1 hour $1480

1.5 hour $1880

2 hours $2280




Balloon Twisting in Hong Kong


"Every child goes crazy when they see balloons" - Client Mrs. Cheung


Besides having a magic show, both adults and children love balloon sculptures. All of our magic plans include balloon twisting service.

We value the experience that we give to the children. So that when we are making balloons, we also interact with the children. Children feel so excited when they see their balloon finished. What’s more, we bring the excitement and process to the next level. We will talk with the children and ask them pretty much how everything going, and include a lot of interaction. Actually, the process of getting a balloon is the most exciting moment, children wonder and be excited to see how the outcome will be.  Therefore, we value every chance to enhance the children’s experience.

All of our performers are professional in both in magic performing and balloon twisting. We value the expertise of balloon twisting as much as magic performance. We offer different fine balloon sculptures including cartoon characters such as Elsa, Mcqueen, Mickey Mouse, Spider Man, Iron Man, and so on. Every child will get their unique ones, and that easily make every parent and child happy.

The cost of offering balloon twisting is unexpectedly high, because we use the best US imported balloon - Qualatex, just to give you the best service. Our service charge is very reasonable and relatively cheap. We promise the services that we provide deserve every penny that you pay.

We have unique 100% satisfaction guarantee system to ensure you will satisfy our service:

1. We provide 100% professional magician. We do not employ any inexperience performers

2. Every one of us must be friendly and enthusiastic. We have unique customer feedback systems to make sure every staff provide good service

3. 100% satisfying guarantee. Once if you don't satisfy the service we provide with rational reasons, it is refundable.


Besides, we have some important principle to let our staff bear in mind to provide the best service:

1. We provide our service  sincerely

2. We will 100% do our best

3. We provide our expertise

4. We are customer driven, we value every single client.

Please contact +852 93571338 for more details about balloon twisting service in Hong Kong or visit our website

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