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Face Painting

1 Hour: $1380
1.5 Hours: $1580
2 Hours $1880

Face Painting in Hong Kong

There is so much fun to have face painting. Painting faces make cuties be more adorable. Imagine every child will have their face painted and take so many cute pictures, and that makes everyone heart melted.

Everyone is different from each other. Face painting embodies the saying as different characters are painted on children’s bodies. Children will love having unique ones for their own and show it to others, and that make them have a feeling of pride. Therefore, it is also an awesome way to let your children have more confident.

It is extremely wonderful for children to what they want to be like iron man, spider man, any princesses, any animal, any other cartoon characters, and so on, pretty much anything they what to be. It is lovely to your beloved getting so excited for face painting. Children are so pure and easily get excited. It’s so great to see them grow up happily and parents are pretty much willing to do anything to let our children to have a wonderful childhood.

Our face painting service is one of the best services we provide in Hong Kong, we have professional artists to handle all the jobs. We have a list of face painters to let you choose from, they are all experienced artists on face painting. We also value the experience the children have during the activities. The face painters do not only provide good service, but also offer a kind heart to interact with children.

We have many clients ordered face painting service with magic plan, bouncy castle, catering and photography services. The service is one of the important activities for a good party which children all enjoy. We also take a lot care on the safety of the material used on face painting. We only use imported material to safeguard the health of your children, and that will ease your worries about the safety. Only with one price, you can enjoy quality guaranteed service and imported face painting material. Therefore, it definitely deserves the price you pay.

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